About Us

Our company with management of Mr.Alireza Soleimanzadeh ( manager and shareholder of Ex-Iran Fan Productive & Industrial Co.) and by having 25 years' experience of operating in the field of this industry and benefiting he valuable experience of deceased father ( Mostafa Soleimanzadeh ) the founder of industrial ventilation in Iran with commercial name of Iran Fan Productive and Industrial Co. launched its official operation since the year 1965 and at the present time through cooperation of qualified coworkers was registered in name of Mackesh and Dahesh under No.304875 and received license of industrial ownership on behalf of the ministry of industry ,Mine and Commerce through registering new brand and logo and offers service in the following fields : equipping the facilities of factories , residential administrative and trading towers , parking with several floors , reception hall, sport hall, industrial kitchen and hospital projects in compliance with principles of constructing governmental and non-governmental plans , house construction , firefighting , national rules of construction depending on ability of designing , constructing and by observing all conditions , upon considering the application of customer and its compatibility with technical information offers the best recommendation and submit products from world’s most valid factories(Siemens , Gebhardt , Solyvent , Nicotra , Rosenberg , Comefri, Multifan) with exclusive software of suction and blowing. All of the Products were gone under test ( aeration , pressure , discharge speed , sound decibel , color thickness , heat , poly-alignment with most advanced equipment , vibration analysis and finally Certificate balancer dynamic & technical sheet is submitted to the buyers of products in form of M & D Final Book and all of the products have real 36 months guarantee and after sales service for 15 years . According to the verification of consultant engineers , contractors of building construction facilities our company has suitable status among domestic manufacturers and finally trough upgrading our products and reducing additional costs (reducing electricity consumption , reducing sound decibel , increasing quality of products and offering guarantee period for 36 months we are added to the valid vendor list of accredited domestic organizations , consultant engineering company and contractors.

Introducing some of products and services :

-Industrial ventilation ( Axial , Power Roof , Duct Fan , Jet Fan)

- Centrifugal fans ( Backward , Forward , Radial )

- Industrial blower ( Side Channel , High Pressure )

- Industrial Fans ( Inline Fan , Pelag Fan , Cabin Fan , Hiter Fan , Filter Fan )

- Air handling unit , air washer , unit , fiber glass cooling tower